Missing Witness Real Story Characters: Netflix original Unsolved Mysteries Season 1 , was of total 6 episodes and the last episode was Missing Witness, this was one of the best from the series, with twists all over around, here in the post we are going to tell you about the real-life characters, incidents, and locations from the story.

Who was Lena In Real Life?

The last and final episode of the series ended the season with a bang. It showed the thrilling story of human nature. The story is about Lena (Liehnia) Chapin who was from Dent county and went missing since 2006. She had confessed to being a witness to a crime that took place when she was young. She said that her mother Sandy and her boyfriend Kris Klemp killed her stepfather Gary McCullough with a gun while he was having his breakfast and wrapped his body, burned it, and scattered the bones and ashes around the house. She confessed all of it firstly to Gary’s brother but with no evidence of this confession, nothing was done. After her confession, Sandy lawyered up and Lena didn’t have much to say.

What Happened To Lena?

However, the McCulloughs decided to file a lawsuit against Sandy and Kris regarding the wrongful murder of Gary and that Lena was an accessory to the crime. They appealed for Lena to be given immunity if she testifies for them. However, Lena went missing. Sandy told that she went to Florida to marry another man leaving her son Colter with Sandy. Eventually, Sandy’s other daughters testified against her resulting injury granting Gary’s family $7 million. Later Sandy eventually remarried and now has custody of Lena’s son. Lena’s sisters believe that her body may be somewhere on one of Sandy’s properties, but Lena has yet to be found.

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