Beef Episode 8 Explained & Recap: Netflix’s original Newly released show is Making Buzz all over the Globe due to Its Dark Content, All episodes of the show are Confusing and let viewers think and think again. To make your experience better, here we are covering the episode recap of the show.

You can also check the Episode 6 and Episode 7 Recap of the show If you Missed that. Now here goes the Episode 8 Recap of the Netflix original show. Episode 8 of “BEEF” takes a slightly low tone as it delves into Amy and Danny’s past lives, offering more clarity about how they became such damaged, angry and dark human beings. So, let’s begin the recap.

The episode kickstarts with a younger version of Amy hooking up with an anonymous man she met online. She sees a creepy witch-like character reflected in the mirror. Shift to the present, Fumi and Amy are conversing about George’s sudden outburst. Fumi asks Amy to deny any physical relations with Paul so she can convince him to come back home.

Younger Amy, after flaking school, catches her dad cheating with another woman. She again sees the witch-like embodiment in the woman. Present Amy drives to her childhood home to meet her parents. She has dinner with them and confronts her mother. She tells her that she hates her mom and dad still being together. Her mother advises her to put her dark thoughts behind her to save her marriage.

We see younger Amy listening to her parents argue behind closed doors. She grabs chocolate and reads a storybook with the witch character in it. Amy starts manifesting this witch in reality and the witch promises Amy to never tell anyone her secrets because if she did, no one would love her.

George and June return home after Fumi convinces them that Amy was just playing with that kid online. Amy, however, grabs this opportunity to come clean and tells George everything: about Danny, the road-rage incident with him, and her affair with Paul. George bursts out, blaming Amy for putting his family in danger. This is too much to digest for George and he asks Amy for a divorce. Amy accepts her fate but pleads with George to not take June away from her. A montage of infant Amy and Danny playing in water follows.

At the fire incident, Paul confesses that he told George about his affair with Amy and this might have provoked Amy to burn down their house. A younger Danny is seen getting bullied by schoolmates. Danny notices Edwin’s car parked at a distance. Danny manages to break into Edwin’s house where he fights Edwin down and asks him why he was present at the fire incident. Edwin admits that he was carrying out little pranks on Danny out of jealousy since his wife Veronica never moved on over Danny. He also mentions that Veronica feels uncomfortable when Edwin touches her.

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Flashed back to 1993, we see Danny telling Paul that if he skipped three grades, they could study in the same class. At present, Danny is informed by the fire investigator that the fire was a result of faulty wiring. Danny wired the house so technically, he was responsible for burning down his parents’ house. Danny continues to inform Paul that the fire broke out as a result of arson and that the police found a gasoline canister and a woman’s hand glove nearby the house.

In another flashback, we see Danny throwing Paul’s college applications in the trash. This indicates Danny’s insecurity about losing his comfort space: Paul. He never wanted Paul to outperform him and wanted him to stay on his level.

Danny shows up at George’s house with a Kōyōhaus plant. George allows Danny to use the bathroom and Danny plants an identical hand glove in Amy’s bathroom cabinet. George points out their family gun at Danny, stating that he knows his real name and about the road rage.

Danny and George get into a fight with Danny knocking out George and stealing his car. Danny later realizes that had accidentally kidnapped June and the episode wraps up.



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