The Good Mothers Episode 4 Summary & Ending Explained: The Good Mothers are now available on Disney+ & Hulu in Italian with English subtitles. We are covering the episode-wise recap for the show, and here is the Episode 4 recap and ending explained.

The Good Mothers is an Italian crime drama based on a Western investigation series. The series portrays the real-life story of three brave women who were part of the infamous Calabrian ‘Ndrangheta mafia. It is based on a novel by Alex Perry and highlights their collaboration with a newly appointed female prosecutor to dismantle the criminal organization.

Episode 4 starts with Denise and her mother, Lea Garofolo, traveling to Milan. The camera then shows Giusy’s body, but doctors managed to revive her. Denise goes to meet her father in jail, and while returning home, she remembers moments with her mother and leaves her aunt’s home without informing anyone. Giusy is transferred to a new jail.

The police officers offer Giusy a deal: if she wants to see her children again, she must become a witness against the Mafia world. Denise is now in a hotel (location unknown). Carmine thinks about the sweet moments he spends with Denise. As promised, the police take Giusy’s two daughters and son to a safe home far from everywhere.

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This episode is emotionally connected to me, so if you want to feel it yourself, you will need to watch it. The episode ends with a call from Giusy’s sister to one of Giusy’s daughters, and the camera fades out.



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