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Bebaakee Season 2 Alt Balaji & Zee5: (bebaake bebaaki bebaki) Our readers bombed our website and telegram channel withe message that when Bebaakee next episodes are coming out, after alt Balaji and Zee5 releases only 8 episodes, if you don’t know, all episodes from the series are now available on Alt Balaji and zee5 app, You can watch the series there.

Now the question of the readers changed, now you guys are asking about season 2 of the series, here in the post we are are going to tell you about the season 2 release date, plot, and many other aspects from the series. So Stay tuned.

New UpdateThe Next 10 Episodes From The Series is going To Release in 6th October 2020, Officially confirmed

Is Season 2 Coming?

A Big Yes, The season 2 of the series is coming for sure, according to our sources, the makers have filmed approx 50 episodes of the series and they would release the episodes season by season just like the web series Dil Hi Toh Hai, so get ready for the many more episodes coming around.

Season 2 Release Date

The 10 new episodes from the series are going to release on 6th October 2020. These episodes are the remaining episodes of season 1. The season 2 of the Bebaakee is expected to release in 2021, the series’s season 2 would release in the early months of 2021, although the makers haven’t made any official announcement regarding the release, we can confirm that the shooting of the series is complete and we would get another season super soon.

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The cast of the second season would be the same as the first season, almost everyone from the first season would reunite for another season, we are surely going to see Kushal Tandon as Sufiyaan and Shiv Jyoti Rajput as Kaynat.


The story of the second season would move further from the first season, the season 2 would follow the same family and Romantic Drama and the Love Triangle too, the series’s season 2 would be more about the heartbreak, betrayal, and revenge.

This was all about the Alt Balaji and Zee5 original web series Bebaakee season 2, what is your opinion about the series please let us know in the comment, how much are u excited? did you like it? share it from our other readers through the comment box.


  1. Season one hi complete nhi hua i think, at least end to hona chahiye.. There must be episodes after episode 10.. When that episodes will be released?

  2. Season 1 is awesome. But felt like needed more episodes. Kushal tandon is hot. Add more episodes in season 1 doesn’t look like it is conpleted

  3. One should never have to wait so long to produce second season if 1st one is hit. Reason is connectivity. If u will take long to release people will forget u nd will jump into something else. They will lost their Connection.

  4. Yes it is an exciting story to watch not because of the storyline but the acting skill of the actors. Yet again Ekta Kapoor has the same story as Sth she had done before in Kahin to Hoga starring Rajeev Khandelwal and Amman Shariff. Two generation of best friends, a wicked mother who only care about wealth, 2 besties falling in love with the same girl Breaking their relationship and on top it off the younger brother of the brooding hero tries to play with the two younger sister of the heroine. Then the heroine chooses the mild mannered best friend instead of the one she loves and all hell breaks loose in the show as the brooding hero now wants to take revenge Ring a Bell anyone. Hope in next few episodes we get to see some originality

  5. Are you serious….. You vanish the charm of even 10 episode by saying you will release next 10 episode in 2021….
    Matlab 1 hafte baad next group of episode daal do…. Saamne wale ka mann hi mar jaaye…. 1 season toh pura ikatha dikhao…. 1 season m 10 episode vo bi inne chinne chinne kon dalta hai…. sara majja khrab

  6. Splendid chemistry between sufiyaan n kai I love this series.. n am enjoyed WHOLE episodes… can’t wait fr 2nd plz release ASAP….🤗

  7. Beautifully done ,amazing chemistry between Sufi and Kayi …Kushal Tandon shines through the season 1 episodes in role of Sufi…Eagerly waiting for the next season to release..hoping Sufi’s Bebaakee gets him the girl in the end of series…want to c a happy ending…

  8. So Please tell when are come season 2 because I am very excited and waiting for watch so please please please please please tell when are released

  9. This story is somehow similar to TV serial produce by Ekta Kapoor only its name was “KASIS” only the character are different but the story is same

  10. Please release the next episode after 10th episode can’t wait to know whats gonna be next drama in it.. Please release it soon😨😨


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