Bebaakee Review: Alt Balaji and Zee5 original web series Bebaki is now released on the platforms, the series stars Kushal Tandon and Shiv Jyoti Rajput in main lead, here in the post we are going to review the web series, we would also talk about the parent’s guide, watch time, duration and other aspects of the series.

The series stars Karan Jotwani, Shiv Jyoti Rajput, and Kushal Tandon in the main lead role, the series is created by Ekta Kapoor and have some great actors in the cast like Suchitra Pillai, Sonali Raut, Sameer Malhotra & More.

Bebaaki Review ALT

  • Namer Of The Series – BebaaKee
  • Release Date- 30th August 2020
  • Platform: ALT/ZEE5
  • Season: 1
  • Episodes: 10
  •  Cast: Kushal Tandon, ShivJyoti Rajput
  • Created By: Ekta Kapoor
  • Rating: 3/5
  • Recommended: Yes (If You Love Romantic Drama)
  • Parental Guidance: Don’t Watch With Family


The story of the series is quite familiar, the series revenge cum is a romantic drama, the story of the series revolves around Sufiyan and Kayanat, Sufiyan belongs to a very rich family, and he is about to start his own digital media house, and He is looking for news for this, but his phone is lost and Kayanat found that phone, Kayanat also works in a small media house, and she leaks the new, when Sufiyan learns that his news has been leaked Then he buys that media house and And kicks Kayanat out of the company, and the hate starts from here. Kayanat and Sufiyan don’t even want to see each other anymore, but nature keeps bringing  them together again and again, and slowly Sufiyan fall in love with Kayanat.  but the twist in the story comes when it is revealed that Imtiaz, who is a very good friend and brother of Sufiyan, also likes Kayanat, now who among the two brothers, would get Kaynat? Due to the girl, there will be a rift?, this is the story of Babaaki, and to know what happens next, You have to watch the series.


The last time Kushal Tandon was seen in the unlocked film with Heena Khan, there is a lot of change in Kushal’s acting in this series when it comes to acting, Tandon played the character of a rich, stubborn, angry but genius guy quite well. Shiva Jyoti Rajput also did a very good job, the chemistry of Shivjyoti and Kushal is very good and both look very good together, Karan Jotwani has also played the character of Imtiaz quite well,as a brother and a friend,  he looks quite fabulous, In every expression, he has adapted very well, overall, the three main characters of the series have done a great work, Suchitra’s work in the supporting actress is very good, she is always known for her work, and she has done a great job in this series too. except a few frames, everyone has worked very good, the series is not that excellent in acting, but its quite better.

Screenplay & Others

The story of the series does not have much grip, so there was not much hope from the screenplay as well, after ther first episode, the series becomes much more predictable, many people will guess what is going to happen next, the editing of the series is very good. , And the episodes of the series have been kept very short, things happen very quickly and this is one of reasons that you enjoy watching the series, the most special thing of the series is its location and music, the location of the series is lavishing and exotic, from indoor to outdoor, all the locations are quite spectacular. The music of the series is also very good, I loved the song ‘Intehan’.


We are going with the 3 out of 5 for the series, the series is great representation of Exotic Locations, Brilliant Music and good acting, If you love watching love stories and if you are fan of Kushal Tandon , You can awtach the series on ALT Balaji and Zee5, otherwise you can skip it. There are some bold scnes so avoid watching with family and Kids.

This was our review of Bebaakee, what is your opinion about the series? please let us know in the comment section, for more posts like this on web and digital release, stay tuned with us.


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