Bhakshak starring Bhumi Pednekar is now streaming on Netflix in Multiple audio versions along with subtitles. The film is based on the real-life case of the 2028 Muzzafarpur Balika Grih’s Scandal which shook the whole nation. As the film is inspired by real-life incidents, various characters are based on real life.

One of the crucial and heinous characters of the film is the Character of Baby Rani. She was the one who was appointed as the Warden of the Hostel and she used to take care of that Shelter home. In the film too, we get to see how she was fully involved with Bansi Sahu in all his wrongdoings. Now many of our readers were wondering about her. What happened to her and is that character inspired by the real-life character? Here we are going to tell you everything about the same.

Baby Rani Real ?

Yes, the character of Baby Rani is Inspired by the real-life character of Shahista Praveen. She was also known by the name ‘Madhu. She was the caretaker of Shelter Home and she was the one who used to give drugs and medicines to the minor girls.

Soon after the case was registered, She ran away and she goes missing. Police and CBI start looking for him and after two months of pressure from CBI and Police, she surrenders herself in the court. She then became a government witness and she exposed Brijesh Thakur and everyone who was involved in the Shelter Home Scandal.

She was given lifetime imprisonment by the court for her involvement in all these things. As of now, She is in prison. You may have a look at the real picture of Baby Rani in the featured image. Her real name was ‘Madhu’ aka Sahista Praveen.

There was a sequence in the film where we get to see that Madhu used to Sleep with girls too. During the investigation, CBI also presented this fact in front of the court but due to lack of evidence the claim was rejected by the court.

In the film, The character of ‘Baby Rani’ was Played by Gulita Alija. She is known for the blockbuster film Raazi.

This was all about Baby Rani From the ‘Bhakshak‘ Movie. What are your take on this? Please let us know in the comments.



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