Munawwarpur Bihar Case Shelter Home: Netflix’s newly released Crime thriller film ‘Bhakshak’ is now streaming and receiving massive praise all around India. The critics and audiences both are loving the film. The film stars Sanjay Mishra, Bhumu Pednekar, and Aditya Srivastav in the main lead roles. The film is produced by Red Chillies Entertainment and directed by Pulkit.

The story of the film revolves around a Girl Shelter Home in Munwwarpur, Bihar. A powerful local goon named Bansi Sahu runs a girl shelter home where many orphan girls are living. In the private report, it came to light that the Girls in Shelter homes are subject to torture, r@pe, and Physical abuse. A local journalist Vaishali Singh, who owns a news portal called Kosish News starts looking into the case and she gets to know some shocking truths.

Many of you were asking about the authenticity of the film. Here we are going to tell you about the real and reel characters and incidents of the film. We will also discuss each of them in detail in different posts.

Starting with the name of the City First. There is no city named Munawwarpur in Bihar. The real name of the city is Muzzafarpur where all these scandals happened.

The first character of the film is ‘Vaishali Singh’. The character is a work of fiction as no Journalist was working for a news channel named Koshish News. There is now a news channel named Kosish News operating in Bihar. The character of Vaishali Singh is loosely inspired by the real-life Nivedita Singh. She is also a Journalist and she was the one who filed the PIL first.

The Second character in the film is ‘Bansi Sahu’. The character of the film is inspired by the real-life character ‘Brijesh Thakur.’ Brijesh Thakur and his wife are behind bars now. He was the main mastermind behind all this.

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There is another crucial character named Ranji Singh. In the film, Rajni Singh is the minister of women and child welfare and her husband Brijmoshan Singh used to give Protection to Bansi Sahu. In real life, the character of Rajni Singh is inspired by then-politician and minister Manju Verma. She is currently in Jail after the expose.

The character of Sudha, who gave an interview on Channel is a fictional character. The climax of the film is fully fictional and nothing happened like that. After the PIL, the case was given to Bihar Police and then it was transferred to CBI. CBI investigates the case and then they Finally arrest Brijesh and other convicts.

There is another character named Baby Rani. The character of the Baby was inspired by the real-life character of Madhu aka Sahista.

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Hope this clears everything about the Munawwarpur, Bhakshak story and its characters. Drop your view on this film in the comments.



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