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Ava Dead Or Alive In The End Of Kaleidoscope? | Netflix

One of the most crucial and main lead characters of the show is Ava Mercer, like every other character from the show, This character is also pretty much confusing, but the death of the character is pretty much clear, If you are still confused about the same, here we are going to tell you if Ava Mercer is dead or Alive?

Ava Mercer is one of the main members of this heist; we learn that she is a weapon expert, an attorney, and an old friend of Leo, aka Ray. We saw in the previous episode that Bob wanted his money back, so he went to Ava’s house.

After that, Ray tries to help her, but during a shootout with Bob’s man, she is shot dead.

Do you have any confusion about the show? what is your opinion about the show?, Did you like it?, Please let us know in the comments, for more news and updates related to the web shows and movies, stay tuned with us.



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