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Bob Godwin Dead Or Alive? | Kaleidoscope | Netflix

Bob Godwin Dead Or Alive?: If you have watched the series you must be aware of the Character Bob Godwin, although he is Playing the Villain in the series, still he is getting appreciated for his performance, again like every other character, here we are going to tell you if he is dead or Alive?

Bob Godwin is one of the bad crew members in this heist, and we learn that he intends to betray the crew during the heist and take the entire bond, as well as flee so that no one can track him; we also learn that he has a wife named Judy, who also wishes to leave with him.

In the last episode, we saw him try to reunite with his wife, but in the middle, the FBI tracked him, and then he started firing. During that firing, FBI agents shot him, and he was dead.



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