Debbie Glatzel Now?: The trial of Arne Johnson shocked the whole of America as Arne said that he was possessed by a demonic entity who killed his friend Alan Bono. The Netflix documentary The Devil on Trial takes a deep dive into the case and how it started. The documentary doesn’t support anyone as you will see two sides of one story. Debbie was the girlfriend of Arne.

Debbie was the older sister of David, Alan and Carl. She wants to move on from her family house to live with Aren. She finds a house in Newtown and asks her brothers to help her move in. David got possessed by an entity in that new house. Debbie was the one who felt that it was her fault her brother got possessed by an entity, so she tried everything. She called The Warren’s who were known as the best paranormal investigators at that time. It was successful as The entity left David’s body after the exorcism.

After the exorcism, Debbie got a job as a dog groomer in Brookfield. She also got an apartment to work as a dog groomer. She and her boyfriend Arne moved to that new apartment. Debbie’s boss Alan Bono becomes a good friend of Arne and Debbie. Debbie’s life takes a huge turn after Arne kills Alan Bono. Police took Arne into custody and tried to find reasons why he killed Bono.

What happened to Debbie Glatzel?

They ask Debbie about what happened that day and she said they were just pushing and shoving each other and then suddenly Arne took out his knife and stabbed Alan four times. There were also some rumors that Arne killed Alan because Debbie and Alan had an affair. Debbie said that Alan and she had a relationship, but that’s not related to this Murder, as Arne was possessed by a demonic entity.

The trial ends and Arne is sentenced for 10 – 20 years. Outside the court, Arne tells Debbie to move on as he is now going to jail.

After her boyfriend was sentenced to jail Debbie didn’t marry anyone and in 1985, Debbie married her boyfriend Arne Cheyenne Johnson in prison. Next year in 1986 Arne was released from prison for good behaviour.

The couple remained together until Debbie died in 2021.



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