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Are Eliott & Daniel Dead in 1899? | 1899 Theories Reddit Explained

Are Eliott & Daniel Dead? : 1899 Season 1 has aired on Netflix and it has been followed by constant discussions between people who are eager to rack their brains to find a theory that works. However, Season 1 has just been released and it’s probably going to be some time that we’ll get Season 2 from the DARK creators but in that time, there are some theories that we’d like to mention that probably will help us understand this mind-bending series in a better way.

One of those theories is Daniel who is Maura’s husband and Eliott, the boy they find in the Prometheus who is Maura and Daniel’s son, both of them are actually dead in reality. Here’s why we think so.

Now, specifically mentioning Eliott, it’s been mentioned in the last couple of Episodes that Maura is the creator and who created the simulation as a refuge to be with her son who was suffering from a deadly disease, and saving him wasn’t possible so Maura created the simulation to be with her son forever.

Adding to that, in Maura’s memory, we see a grave and below that grave is a room that Maura and Daniel find themselves in they talk about this room which is Eliott’s room being their first-ever created simulation. This probably means that Eliott is dead in reality.

Also, if you look at the pictures of the three together, you’ll notice that it’s only Eliott who’s wearing the 1899 clothing while his parents seem to be wearing modern clothes.

However, for Daniel, in the ship what he’s constantly trying to do is make Maura remember of what she is and is working towards getting her out of this simulation, and when he’s about to, he doesn’t come out with her and tells her that “We will always be there” like someone who isn’t going to be there physically but in spirit, they’ll be present.

And in the last scene when Maura comes out of the simulation to find her in the Prometheus in the spaceship, Daniel and Eliott’s bodies are not in any of the pods.




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