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Why Did Daniel Kill Ada In 1899?

Why Did Daniel Kill Ada In 1899?: 1899 has been wreaking havoc on the metaphorical brains of fans all over the world with its mind-bending story about an immigrant ship that is destined to go to the US but then finds out that there’s a whole other thing at play that is bigger than anything that they could imagine of.

1899 has been full of mysteries that we are trying to understand and probably it is way too early to make sense of what we’ve seen in Season 1 we’ll have more of it coming in the upcoming years but devising theories and discussions is what makes a community.

One question that might arise in the audience’s minds is why Daniel, who was a master programmer and probably the only one who knew what he was doing and fighting against, why did he kill Ada, the little Danish girl, and sister to Tove and Krester?

As we know, Daniel wasn’t one of the passengers of Kerberos and boarded the ship when the captain and others went to check the lost ship Prometheus. During his time at Kerberos, we can see Daniel using a device in which he’s switching buttons and creating a pattern in the end.

When he kills Ada, it’s followed by an examination from a doctor present on the ship and he concludes it to be natural causes possibly a stroke or a heart attack since there are no strangulation marks or attack signs. Given the whole shebang of the Kerberos is a simulation that Daniel very much knows, he might have just turned off Ada’s character because of which we do not see any physical signs.

The question arises why would he do that to a child right? Well, in his conversation with Eliott, they have been in this exact simulation a lot of times and Daniel probably knows that Ada, if alive do something that is harmful for the whole simulation or her role is just straying people away from their roles which is why Daniel, who’s already been in multiple simulations to know who’s who, turn her off or shut her down.


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