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1899 Season 1 Reddit Theories: Is Eyk Also a Key To Come Out Of The Simulation? | Explained

Is Eyk Also a Key To Come Out Of The Simulation?: 1899 Season 1 has been released on Netflix which tells the story of an immigrant ship on a trip to the US and contains people with different cultural backgrounds.

Season 1 focussed on getting us to an understanding of what 1899 is and well, it’s pretty clear that it is a simulation but the other parts of the show that make it a mind-bending situation and the efforts to make any sense of it is racking our brains with people who’ve also watched this show and coming up with different theories.

One notable theory that a lot of people have noticed about 1899 Season 1 was that to get out of the simulation, Maura needed to have a key, and as Daniel says after modifying the code a key can be anything, anyone, or any object as he transformed the essence of that literal key into a ring.

So, adding to this, one of the major characters of 1899 is Eyk and if you jumble up the characters in his name, you get “Key”. So, given that Eyk’s role is important in the series, maybe he is also a key to a way out and Maura just doesn’t know it yet? Well, here’s what we know

Eyk is no doubt an important character as he was the only one who was able to get transported to the archive where Prometheus along with the other ships from previous simulations were there and he was able to do that, but no one knows how. Probably it was Daniel’s doing but Eyk is the captain of the ship and a traumatized human being.

The tension between him and Maura makes it obvious that he has more to show us than we’re getting shown and since we got an understanding that Maura is the creator, maybe it was her who put him there close to her.

Please let us know what you think in the comments.


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