Who Is Anant In ‘Asur 2’: Short roles can have a huge impact on any film or show. The characters of Vrinda and Anant in Jio Cinema’s original series ‘Asur Season 2’ are prime examples of that. The character of Anant is not given much screen time in the show, but due to the brilliant performance and impact, the character catches everyone’s attention.

As everyone was asking for more about the character, here we are with the character explanation of ‘Anant.’ Anant was initially established as a miracle boy in the show as he saves a public bus from crashing into a landslide. He saves the life of a small boy, and there were a few more instances where he acted like a god. Later on, we get to know that it was part of DJ’s plan.

Now the question comes to mind: why did DJ create this plan and why was he doing all of this? After the share market attack of ‘Asur,’ there were riots all over the country, and people started hating and killing each other. There was no trust and love among the people, and to generate the feeling of hope and to reintroduce love into the lives of people, DJ plans to bring Anant. When Anant performs those miracles, people start believing in God again, and there is a ray of hope among them.

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Atharva Vishwakarma, the child actor who played the role of Anant in the show, was brilliant. He looks calm and confident, and you are going to love him for sure in the series.

Coming to his character Anant, character of Anant is inspired by the ‘Kalki Avatar.’ Shubh is Asur, and he is spreading hate and disturbing harmony in society, while Kalki is the Avatar of ‘God,’ and he is spreading peace and harmony in society. Asur is full of negative thoughts and hates for everyone, while Anant loves everyone and wants only peace.

In Hindu mythology, there is a tale that whenever Asur dominates the Earth, there will be an Avatar of God, and in Kalyuga, the Asura will be called Kali, and to defeat him, God will take the Avatar as ‘Kalki.’ The character of Anant is also the same.

Hope this clears your doubt about the Character ‘Anant’ in the show. What do you think about it?, Please let us know in the comments.



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