Vrinda in ‘Asur 2’: Jio Cinema Original Series “Asur” is now streaming on the platform. Season 1 was a huge blockbuster, and it looks like season 2 is going to be the same. One of the mysterious characters from the show is ‘Vrinda,’ and here we are going to talk about her.

Vrinda has very little screen time in season 2, but she is going to be significant if we look at it from the season 3 point of view. Vrinda was very close to Shubh, and she knows him very well. Initially, when Vrinda first meets DJ, she pretends that she is blind and can’t see anything. However, in the last few minutes of the final episode, we get to see sketches created by Vrinda, which were of Asur, and it is almost confirmed that Vrinda was not blind.

As Vrinda goes missing, the question comes to mind: What happened to her? As we know, Vrinda was very close to Shubh, so there is a huge chance that she is going to be the next Asur in season 3. The sketch at Vrinda’s home shows three sketches: one of ‘Asur,’ and the other two are of other avatars of ‘Kali,’ and in the second sketch, we get to see a woman-like Asur.

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There is a possibility that Vrinda is in that second avatar of Kali, and in the upcoming seasons, we may get to see a fight between DJ and Vrinda. She may also avenge the death of Shubh. The character of Vrinda is Played by Barkha Bisht.

Although there are only theories, and only the creators of the show know what is going to happen next, what are your thoughts on this? Please let us know in the comments.



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