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Asur Season 2 Review | Jio Cinema

Asur Season 2 Review: India’s most celebrated and hyped mythological thriller show is back with its second season. There is so much we have to tell about Asur Season 2. Everyone was waiting for Asur 2, and Jio Cinema did it.

Jio Cinema hits the ball out of the park after the Jio Voot merger. Asur 2 audiences were waiting for this series for a very long time. We have just completed this series, and now we’re telling you whether you should watch it or not.

Kudos to the writer and director of this series, Gaurav Shukla and Oni Sen, who delivered a great masterpiece. In fact, this is India’s first mythological thriller series.

We feel sad that this show leaked on many torrent sites before the release of all episodes, but Jio Cinema has released all episodes now, and after that, we watched this series.

The start of Season 2 begins after three months after Rhea’s death (daughter of Nikhil). Everyone thought Kesar is Shubh Joshi, but DJ knew that Kesar is not Shubh. Shubh was planning a new attack. Nikhil went into depression, and Naina filed for a divorce. DJ was not in the CBI because he was suspended and living away from everyone. He was meditating. We can’t tell you much about the story because it will be a spoiler.

Now we’ll tell you what’s good and what’s bad in this mythological thriller.

The Casting

Great casting! Everyone thought who would be Shubh Joshi? Season 2 gives us the answer. Many of you don’t know who played this character. This character is played by actor Abhishek Chauhan, who is greatly known for Undekhi Season 1, where he played the role of Shubh Joshi. Abhishek Chauhan literally nailed it in the character of Shubh. Great dialogue delivery, and great acting. The guy was the perfect choice for that role. Talking about Barun Sobti, he is a gem.

He should do more projects. The way his character was portrayed is remarkable. This series will be remembered by audiences for years. After that, a special cast mention is Gaurav Arora. We know him from Ekta Kapoor’s Broken But Beautiful Season 2 in the role of Kesar Bharadwaj. Gaurav nailed it. The expressions were the highlight of this character. The evil smile, the accent of the dialogue, and everything were on point. Arshad Warsi, Ridhi Dogra, Amey Wagh, Meiyang Chang, and Anupriya Goenka also played their characters very well.

The Dialogues

We’ve never seen such clean dialogue in the cinematic experience ever. Hindu mythology mentions the story and motive. The younger Shubh and grown-up Shubh deliver back-to-back clean Hindi dialogues.

This show also proved that AI is the biggest threat to humans. In the show, we witness the greatness of science, and we learn many lessons from the series.

What’s Bad

There wasn’t any compromise in the cast, but yes, there are loopholes in everything. Sometimes this show feels like it is dragged, and Asur 2 is also very long. If you continue to watch this series, it will take 7 hours. They could have done it in less runtime too. Otherwise, there aren’t many bad things in Season 2.

We definitely recommend this series as your weekend watch.

Rating: 3.5/5



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