Alexander The Making of a God Episode 5: Netflix presents yet another historical documentary series with limited episodes. The story is about one of the World’s finest conquerors and brave kings, Alexander the great god. He was widely known as the son of Zeus, his remarkable achievements and life is the core plot of this historical documentary series.

The fifth episode starts with Alexander reaching the mighty temple of Amun at Siwa. There he met the powerful aged woman named Oracle. She already knew that Alexander going to reach there sooner, she was waiting for him all this time.

She started talking about the battle of the young king of Macedonia and the emperor of the greatest Persian empire. She started explaining the relevance of Alexander, and his relationship with god. Oracle touched Alexander’s head with her hand and showed him some vision. While he was leaving the temple, she told him that he is the son of the god Amun.

Alexander the son of Zeus, the news started spreading across all the kingdoms. The Egyptians did a warm welcome to their newly found god and true heir to Egypt. They all looked at him as the god of Egypt, officials confirmed it from Siwa that he is the son of Zeus.

General Parmenion got worried of the condition of Alexander, he thought Alexander became very much native and settled in Egypt. Parmenion wanted to move forward with conquering the world. Alexander hate his people for doubting his capability, Parmenion had a different way of thinking, and because of the irregularities in arguments, he left Alexander.

Queen of Persia, Stateira is giving birth to Alexander’s child ,she is struggling alot. Darius found out that she betrayed him for Alexander. Unfortunately, things got out of hand, Stateira and child died during the giving child birth. Darius got emotional after hearing the death news of Queen of Persia. He blamed Alexander for her death, he choose to go against Alexander once again on the battle field. Alexander gave the queen of Persia a grand funeral.

Darius marched to the battle with his large army, Alexander also started his journey towards the battle. Both were adamant to win the battle at any cost. On a night, Darius and the cavalry setup their camp on a desert. Darius always got trapped in a whirlwind of bad news all the time. Suddenly, sky started changing it’s colour, the moon turned bloodred. The worst omen was happening, lunar eclipse, which is also a bad sign for him.

The fifth episode ends with Alexander and Darius resting before the big battle to take place on coming days.On the other side of mountain, Alexander and his Calvary also witnessed the same lunar eclipse, but they took it as a good sign for the victory. They were sure that Darius will witness a downfall on ths battle field. Meanwhile, Darius send a message to Alexander with a new offer.

Darius offered all the territory west of the Euphrates , 30,000 silver talents and a marriage proposal of Barsine. But Alexander tried to decline the offer along with a letter to Governor Mazaeus. Darius once gave his word to Mazaeus about his daughter, but now things changed and he is trying to give his daughter to Alexander. The final episode, which is the next episode, will tell us what will happen and who is finally win the historical war.

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