Alexander The Making Of A God

Alexander The Making of a God Episode 3: Recap and Explained

Alexander The Making of a God Episode 3: Netflix presents a documentary series with six episodes. A historical documentary show with a lot of interesting elements. The plot is about the greatest Alexander, the king, ruler, and conqueror. He was the former king of one of the largest empires, the ancient Macedonian Kingdom.

From a boy to king, from king to demigod of millions of followers, Alexander marked a strong appearance in the history of the greatest kings. This show will travel through Alexander’s remarkable life stages.

The third episode opens with Darius starting his march against Alexander. He gathers a large number of soldiers, nearly a hundred thousand men. Alexander is able to arrange only forty thousand soldiers. The Macedonian general is worried because of the large army and requests Alexander to retreat for the army’s safety. Darius follows a Persian history book, and he is going to use the same tactics in this war too. Alexander has already read the book completely and wants to use the mountain and sea against the Persian army.

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Alexander, along with the Macedonian army, and Darius, with a huge Persian army, gather at Issus. If Darius fails to beat Alexander, he will lose control of the western part of the Persian Empire. The Persian army is more than double Alexander’s army, and because of that, the Persians get overconfident. A large number of men against Alexander, but they really underestimate him.

They think a large number of men can win the battle, but what really matters is command and control, not the numbers. Alexander and Darius nod to start the battle, and the soldiers start fighting for their kingdom. Armies on both sides of Darius start marching towards the enemies. Darius stays at the center for some time. Alexander sees his soldiers going down to the ground after getting stabbed.

Alexander gets desperate to overcome this downfall sooner. He senses an opening in front of him, a gap to penetrate into the Persian army formation. He wants to seize the moment without any fear.

Alexander and his cavalry rage against Darius. The Persians have no idea of this tactic; they aren’t ready for this kind of attack. Darius is shocked by this unexpected move from Alexander. Alexander throws an arrow to the soldier next to Darius, and he dies within minutes.

The General of Persia gets worried about Darius and starts transferring Darius out of the battlefield. Darius is the only hope of the Persian Empire; if he dies in this battle, the empire will get shattered. The life of Darius becomes more important than a hundred thousand soldiers; that’s why he is retreating himself from the battlefield. Alexander gets desperate to kill Darius sooner; he doesn’t want Darius to escape the battlefield.

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Alexander goes to take custody of Darius’s wife and daughter. He doesn’t cause any harm to women; at the same time, Darius gets exhausted on hearing the news of his wife and daughter. Darius offers a huge ransom to Alexander, tons of gold and half of his empire or all the territories that Alexander already conquered. Darius badly wants his family alongside him, so he offers a bribe to Alexander.

The third episode ends with Alexander rejecting the bribe from Darius. He is adamant about what he wants; he has a bit of interest in Egypt for a long time. Alexander wants to conquer Egypt sooner so that he can arrange a huge amount of food supplements for his troops.

Egypt is one of the richest territories of the Persian empire, taking it under his control makes him stronger. In the end, Alexander and his cavalry take position in front of the enemy gates in Egypt. Once again, Darius underestimates him and waits for his defeat by the Egyptians.

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