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Akuma Kun Episode 8: Recap and Explained

Akuma Kun Episode 8: Episode 8 was one of the most interesting episodes for me. It has a lot to cover and here we are going to tell you about the recap, Summary, and ending Explanation of episode 8 of the show. Don’t forget to have a look at Episode 6 and Episode 7 for better connection.

Akuma Kun Episode 8 “True Intentions” Recap

A boy goes into the Millenarianism Research Institute and asks Ichiro to make him a demon. Ichiro and Mephisto kick him away. The boy turns out to be Mio’s friend. Mio and the boy don’t leave and hide outside.

A student, Takekuma, goes to the institute and asks Ichiro for help. Takekuma has a friend, Iketani, who might be possessed by a demon. Ichiro and Mephisto find it interesting and travel to his home. Mio and the boy also follow them.

Ichiro and Mephisto open the door, and the demon-possessing Iketani attacks them. Ichiro and Mephisto aren’t ready, so they can’t do anything at that point and run away from the place. Mio and the boy also run away after seeing the demon. Mio hears Ichiro saying Mephisto is a half-demon and half-human, so she suspects that Mephisto’s father might be a demon.

Mio and the boy go to Mephisto’s house where they meet Mephisto’s dad, Mephisto The Second. Mio and the boy directly ask him if he is a demon, to which he replies yes. The boy asks him to make him a demon, but Mephisto II doesn’t know the boy, so he asks for his name. The boy’s name is Mahiro, and he is a friend of Mio.

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In the research institute, Mephisto finds out about the demon possessing Iketani. The demon’s name is Eligor, and he is attracted to pain, war, and combat. Mephisto and Ichiro again go to Iketani’s House.

The boy wants to become a demon and beat the bad guy. Mephisto’s father tells him it’s not possible and asks them to leave and go for a walk. Mephisto’s father sees Mio and Mahiro following him. The three accidentally go to the address of Iketani where they see Ichiro and Mephisto getting beaten up. Mephisto’s father then starts beating the demon. Shingo sends Mephisto’s costume and weapons to Mephisto The Second.

Akuma Kun
Akuma Kun

Mephisto The Second uses his power and thrashes the demon. He saves his son and Ichiro. The demon leaves Iketani, and Mephisto finds Iketani looking at the smartphone screen. He sees a rare game character on Iketani’s phone.

Takekuma tells them that Iketani and they had a promise that they would share their favorite character with each other if they unlocked it. Iketani unlocked the game character and didn’t want to give it to Takekuma; that’s how the demon got attracted to him and possessed him. Ichiro thinks it’s not possible; there might be another reason for it.

Mahiro and Mio go there; Mahiro again asks Mephisto the second to turn him into a demon. Mephisto the second tells him it can’t be possible, and there are a lot of drawbacks to becoming a demon. Mahiro tells him he wants to become a demon and beat the bad guy. Mephisto the second replies he can do that if he becomes young; Mahiro replies that he can’t wait that long. Mephisto the second sees something in Mahiro’s hand and asks him about it.

In the night, Ichiro and Mephisto the third discuss Mahiro; Mephisto is feeling very sad about Mahiro and his mom. Mahiro’s mom’s boyfriend is beating him and his mom. That’s why Mahiro wants to become a demon. Ichiro replies to Mephisto that it’s Mahiro’s mom’s fault; if she cares a lot about her son, she should leave her boyfriend.

The episode ends with Strophaia listening to Mephisto and Ichiro’s talk.

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