Akuma Kun Episode 9: The episodes are getting interesting with each passing episode. We have already covered the all episodes from Akuma Kun till Episode 8. Here goes the Recap and ending explanation of Episode 9 of the show.

A strange man comes to the theatre looking for Sanae. The man turned out to be her husband, Hiroki Kazama. Hiroki has been missing for five years, and he has finally returned home. In the morning, Mio tells Ichiro that her father has returned. Mephisto and Ichiro were very happy about it, and they went to meet Hiroki and Sanae.

Hiroki tells them that he doesn’t have any memory; he only remembered that he was on an island and someone was following him. Now he has returned home, but Hiroki is still frightened. Mio asks Ichiro and Mephisto to look into his father.

Ichiro and Mephisto talk with a Loan Shark. Hiroki wants to write a Masterpiece script that will go down in history. He gave all of his time to writing the script all day and night. His script turns out to be very bad, and sometimes, whoever meets Hiroki dies in accidents.

Ichiro and Mephisto go to Hiroki’s office where his last script was all over the place. Ichiro picks up the script and takes it to the Institute. Mio tells Mephisto to stop the investigation, but Ichiro finds something. Ichiro and Mephisto meet Hiroki, Sanae, and Mio at the crossroads.

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Ichiro asks Hiroki to read his last script, and he can get back his memory. Hiroki insisted at first but read it. Ichiro tells everyone that Hiroki made a contract with the demon Legba to write a Masterpiece script. Legba then appeared and tells Ichiro that he did his part of the contract and now he wants Hiroki to do his part of the contract.

Ichiro tells Legba that his contract isn’t fulfilled as Ichiro didn’t write “The End” after finishing his script. A script will be complete after “The End” word is written in it. Legba became angry and attacked them. Ichiro and Mephisto beat Legba.

Hiroki, Mio, and Sanae had a great evening. In the night, Hiroki again leaves his family. Ichiro knew about it, so he encountered him in the alley. Ichiro tells Hiroki that he knows Hiroki sacrificed Mio to write the Masterpiece script.

He couldn’t live with Mio knowing he sacrificed his own daughter. Ichiro asks him to stay, but Hiroki doesn’t listen and leaves.



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