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Akuma Kun Episode 11: Recap and Explained

Akuma Kun Episode 11: Episode 11 starts with bang and it looks like the show is moving towards some great climax show. We are covering the all episodes recap of the show and here is Episode 11.

The episode starts with Strophaia taking over Shingo’s invisible school. Strophaia is the same demon involved in one of the cases of Akuma Kun. Strophaia wants to take Solomon’s Flute, a very powerful item capable of imprisoning powerful demons.

Strophaia puts a magical barrier outside and inside Invisible School, preventing anyone from entering or leaving. Shingo has already messaged Mephisto The Second about it. Mephisto II relays this information to Ichiro, who remarks that it is fortunate his father was within the barrier. Mephisto the third doesn’t appreciate Ichiro’s attitude and goes with his father to help Shingo.

Ichiro then starts reading books, while in Invisible School, Shingo also begins reading books to find a way to remove Strophaia’s barrier. Shingo suddenly remembers the day he met Ichiro.

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Strophaia raised Ichiro and also corrupted him in various ways. One day, Strophaia asks Ichiro to kill a woman using his demonic nails. Ichiro is about to do it, but Shingo and Mephisto the Second intervene and stop him. They attempt to imprison Strophaia in Solomon’s Flute, but Strophaia throws it away. Ichiro accidentally finds and activates it, capturing Strophaia in the flute. Shingo then takes Ichiro home and cares for him. He cooks hotcakes for Ichiro for the first time, and Ichiro loves them. Ichiro starts reading all of Shingo’s books from his childhood, becoming very intelligent and knowledgeable about demons.

Ichiro asks Gremory to use his demon skill to find out about Strophaia’s weakness. Gremory goes to Satan, who informs her that if Strophaia has any flesh or a body, he can be defeated. Satan gives something to Gremory that they can use against Strophaia. Ichiro takes a gun, and Gremory and Ichiro then go to Invisible School. Mephisto the Second and Mephisto the Third try to remove the barrier, but they are unsuccessful. They suddenly see Shingo coming towards them. Shingo finds a way to remove the barrier by using the demonic red nail.

Shingo removes it and goes outside. Mephisto and his father are very happy, then Ichiro and Gremory arrive. Ichiro then points the gun towards Shingo and fires it.

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