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Akuma Kun Episode 5 : Recap, and Explained

Akuma Kun Episode 5: Akuma Kun Episode five starts with Ichiro and Mephisto getting a new case about a demon fortuna doll killing a person. Ichiro tells Mephisto that William Sanglard was the first person to buy the Fortuna Doll, and he was found dead in his home.

The victim’s name is Yuji Nakayama, a 42-year-old male who was murdered in his apartment at midnight. His apartment doors were all locked from the inside, and at night everyone heard a thumping sound in his room, like someone jumping on it. Ichiro saw the Fortuna Doll with a nail in its head. Ichiro thought that he knows about it and took the nail. Ichiro tells Mephisto to investigate further.

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Ichiro takes it to Shingo, as he can’t remember anything about the nail. Shingo tells him that it’s a demon nail and asks him to stop trying to remember it. There’s a reason why his brain locked that memory, and he shouldn’t try to unlock it. Ichiro looks at that nail and tries to remember it all night.

In the morning, Mephisto comes and asks Ichiro to investigate. Ichiro tells him that he already solved the murder. Ichiro and Mephisto go to the home; Ichiro tells him that the murderer used some technique to lock the door from inside. The person who came to the murder place first was the murderer, as he cleared the evidence of tape from the lock. The person who came to the room first was Hitomi Nishinzo.

Nishinzo lives in the same apartment; he helped the landlord in opening the door. Ichiro didn’t know the motive, but Mephisto found that there was a locker in Nakayama’s room. Nishinzo might have killed him for that locker. Turned out Nakayama was doing illegal stuff for money, and Nishinzo was also part of it.

On the way home, Mephisto asks Ichiro about William Sanglard again, as this time it was a person, not a demon. Ichiro remembers something from it and goes to the institute fast. He uses the demon nail and summons a demon from it. The demon’s name is Strophaia, who contacted William Sanglard. Stropharia says a word, Aeshma. Ichiro tells him that it’s been a very long time since someone called him Aeshma, as he used to be known as Aeshma.

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If you search on Google, you will find that Aeshma is the Demon of wrath and fury. You can say that Ichiro doesn’t look like it. Ichiro is a demon, and he somehow controlled his wrath. Stropharia then leaves Ichiro.



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