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Akuma Kun Episode 10: Recap and Explained

Akuma Kun Episode 8: Akuma Kun episode ten was kind of a filler as it focused more on character development. We are covering the Episode recap and summary for the whole series and here goes the recap and ending explained for it.

Akuma Kun Episode 8 “True Intentions” Recap

It’s Christmas week, and Ichiro and Mephisto are walking in the city streets, discussing Christmas. According to Ichiro, Christmas is absurd, and there’s no point in celebrating it. Mephisto has a different opinion on it, as it’s a festival where families can spend their time.

Ichiro meets his dad Shingo; it’s Ichiro’s birthday. Shingo asks Ichiro to have dinner with him, which he declines. Ichiro was raised by demons, but they abandoned him, and soon after, Shingo adopted Ichiro.

Shingo then goes to meet Mephisto’s dad, Mephisto The Second. Mephisto the Second is married to Shingo’s sister Etsuko, and Mephisto the Third is their own son. Etsuko asks Shingo about his relationship with Ichiro. Shingo tells her that Ichiro isn’t meeting him very much, but still, he is very happy about Ichiro.

Mephisto the Second tells him that Ichiro cares about Shingo but doesn’t show it very much, and he should be happy that his son is trying to achieve his dream of a Millennium Kingdom.

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The next day, Mephisto asks Ichiro to go to a new restaurant for dinner. The two eat hotcakes, and Ichiro ranks it at number six in his favorite hotcakes. Mephisto asks Ichiro about his number one hotcakes, to which Ichiro replies that he doesn’t remember very much. They also meet the restaurant owner who gives them a special hotcake dish.

Ichiro goes to his father’s place, where he tells Shingo about Mephisto asking about his number one hotcakes. In a crying way, he says that it’s Shingo’s hotcakes that are his number one hotcake. Shingo is very happy to hear it.



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