Gadar 2 Day 25 Advance Booking: Team Gadar 2 organized a Success Party on the last day and the whole of Bollywood was there, We also got to see Shah Rukh Khan and Sunny Deol together in one frame after the long gap of 30 Years. The film Gadar 2 is still doing massive collections at the box office and no one is going to stop the film till next Friday.

The film has reached its 4th Monday and now it looks like the collections are going to be slightly low as compared to last Monday. This was obvious as the film has spent more than 21 days at the Box office.

The ticket price has also been reduced at many centers. The final advance bookings for gadar 2 for Day 24 is around 1.30 Crores as of now. The total will be around 1.50 crores by the end of the day and with these advance numbers the film may collect around 4-5 Crores on Monday which will take the total collection to around 505 Crores.

Total Advance Collection For Monday 25th Day: 1.30 Crores



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