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Aakhri Sach Episode 4 Release Date, Story

Aakhri Sach Episode 4 Release Date: “Aakhri Sach” is an ongoing Disney+Hotstar Special Series currently streaming with only 3 episodes. There was a lot of hype for this series when the trailer was released, but audiences were disappointed when they found out that “Aakhri Sach” would be released on a weekly basis.

When 2 episodes were released, everyone got so bored that they preferred the Netflix documentary, which is based on the same story. “Aakhri Sach” is based on the true story of the shocking Burari case in Delhi, where a family of 12 committed suicide together. Tamanna Bhatia plays the leading role.

Now, let’s talk about the release date of the 4th episode.

The 4th episode of “Aakhri Sach” will stream on Disney+Hotstar on 8th September 2023 at 12 am IST. We’ll also share our review of “Aakhri Sach” very soon. Hotstar has a crazy lineup of upcoming releases.



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