Scam 2003 Episode 1: After the massive success of Scam 1992, SonyLiv is back with yet another series titled ‘Scam 2003’. The first 5 Episodes of the show are now streaming on the Platform and here we are with the Episode recap of the show. Here goes the Episode 1 recap and ending explanation.

Episode 1 of the show starts with Abdul Karim Telgi selling fruits on a train. He was giving fruits on the photocopy sheets of his mark sheet, and one man named Shaukat Bhai saw this and found him to be an interesting person. He asked about Telgi’s educational qualifications and also offered him a job in Mumbai.

The next day, Telgi got on the train and reached Mumbai. There, he began working at Shaukat Bhai’s guest house, and very soon, with his smartness, he made the guest house a profitable business. He fell in love with Nafeesa, who was the daughter of the guest house owner, Shaukat, and got married to her. After the marriage, he shifted to Gulf countries and worked there for a few years. When he returned from there, he started making fake passports and documents to send people to Gulf countries, and one day he was arrested by the police. At the police station, he met a guy named Kaushal.

After lots of effort, Shaukat Bhai hired an advocate and got Telgi out of jail. To get his name removed from the police chargesheet and to clear his name in the record, Telgi sought the help of an advocate named Ganesh Kamble. Ganesh Kamble helped Telgi get his name removed from the case. After a few days, Telgi met Kaushal again, and then Kaushal introduced his business and work to Telgi. We see that Kaushal collects old stamps from the dead share bond papers and then resells them at a low price, earning a small amount of money from it.

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Telgi also joined him, and the next day when they went to sell the stamps, they found out that someone else was also doing the same work, which is why no one was purchasing their stamps. They then went to the old customs office, and there an officer told Telgi that stamps were just pennies; the real business was about the stamp papers, and they should start selling stamp papers instead of just stamps.

Telgi shared the idea of selling stamp papers with Kaushal, and episode 1 ends here.

Episode 1 of the show was an average episode. The story and screenplay are decent, and the acting is amazing by the lead cast. We hope the series will offer much more in the upcoming episodes.


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