A Gentleman In Moscow Episode 2: Paramount pictures presents ‘A Gentlemen in Moscow’, a historical drama series. This limited series is based on Amor Towles’s acclaimed novel of the same name. The plot revolves around Alexander Rostov, a royal family member who gets trapped by the ruling party from living freely around Moscow for the rest of lives.

The Bolshevik party orders him to stay in a hotel for his entire life. They appoint special officers to restrict Alexander Rostov from getting out of the hotel, if ever gets out, he will be shot to death by the soldiers. The rest of the story tells about his days inside the hotel, how he survives and plans for his escape.

Episode 2 begins in the year of 1922, a huge gathering happening with many revolutionary people. They are talking about the future of Russia. One of the important speakers is Mishka, an old friend of Alexander Rostov. They kept talking about the inequalities and problems happening inside the nation. They want to support poor people and ensure stability in the economy. Alexander Rostov and Nina were listening to the great speech from the top of their roots in secrecy.

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Meanwhile, Mishka ends his speech and comes through the hallway, Alexander Rostov is waiting for a conversation with him. He was unpleasant to see Alexander Rostov once again. Mishka tells him that, everything happened because of him. Alexander Rostov says he treated Mishka as a brother and showed great respect.

Alexander Rostov felt disappointed by Mishka’s response after seeing him. The party officer Osip sees the conversation from far away. Later, after Mishka left the hotel, Osip comes to Alexander Rostov’s room. He tells Alexander Rostov to gather more information about Mishka because he has a huge influence in the party. Osip wants to learn more about Mishka, he seeks help from Alexander Rostov.

Later, Nina and Alexander Rostov are having a beautiful dinner, and suddenly two dogs appear in the hall, making loud sounds and pushing the staff with food. These dogs belong to a popular Russian actress named Anna Urbanova. Alexander Rostov suddenly wakes up puts his fingers inside his mouth and whistles. The dog suddenly calms down and goes near Alexander Rostov. Anna Urbanova is impressed to see Alexander Rostov’s skills, then she slowly flirts with her eyes.

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Nina didn’t like the way Anna Urbanova talked with Alexander Rostov, she explained to him that Anna Urbanova is an actress but not that good at her job. Later that day, Alexander Rostov reaches out to a secret room inside the hotel. A flashback portion appears with Mishka and Alexander Rostov’s sister. They were pretty close and Mishka once painted her portrait, which became the favourite painting of Alexander Rostov. The next day, a fight begins at the pub.

Mishka is seen fighting with a random alcoholic at the pub, suddenly Alexander Rostov appears in front of them. He deliberately beats the alcoholic man to protect Mishka. During the fight, they break many bottles too. Mishka felt surprised to see Alexander Rostov’s interference at the pub.

Later that night, Alexander Rostov is seen talking with Nina, but still looking at Anna Urbanova from far away secretly. Suddenly her manager tells him to come forward to have a conversation with Anna Urbanova. Nina tells him not to go with her, but Alexander Rostov doesn’t respect her wishes. Anna Urbanova tells him to meet her in room 317 after thirty minutes. Alexander Rostov is surprised and delighted to meet her, when he reaches the room, the cleaning staff tells him to wait there.

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Later, she came out with the dogs and closed the door. After some time, the food order reaches the room and the servant serves the dishes. After eating dinner, Anna Urbanova starts kissing Alexander Rostov for some time. Later, Alexander Rostov wakes up in bed without any clothes after an intimate session with Anna Urbanova. She kept talking with him from bed, but eventually, he felt unpleasant with the conversation, so he left the room with disappointment.

Alexander Rostov meets Nina and apologises for his unacceptable behaviour from him. Nina accepts his apology and they go back to their routine mood. The next day, Mishka is seen spending time with his associates and others are dancing to the music. Alexander Rostov joins them for some time and enjoys with them. Later Alexander Rostov took Mishka to his room and showed his sister’s painting. Meanwhile, another time, Osip comes for a visit to Alexander Rostov’s room, he enquired about a recent fight that happened at the pub. He wants to know, why Alexander Rostov protected Mishka.

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Even though Osip actually knows why, he still asks Alexander Rostov to check his loyalty. Alexander Rostov explains about the past between Mishka and his sister. Meanwhile, Anna Urbanova left with another man at the diner, Nina said bye to Alexander Rostov, because she was leaving the hotel with her family.

Alexander Rostov gives her a little gift box which is precious for him, the same way she also gifted a box to him. After she left the hotel, Alexander Rostov opened the box and saw a key that led him to the roof of the hotel. In the end, he witnesses the outer world peacefully from the top.

Overall the second episode looks delightful to watch. The ending part of this episode is really heartwarming. After one year, Alexander Rostov gets out of the hotel to breathe the fresh air. This episode gave a romantic touch to the story but didn’t last for long. Let’s wait and see what happens in the next episode.



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