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72 Seconds in Rittenhouse Square Real Story, Image? What Happned? | Michael | Sean

72 Seconds in Rittenhouse Square Real Story: Paramount Plus’s “72 Seconds in Rittenhouse Square” has been released, and if you watched it then you also want to know Why Michael White is out of jail. Then this article is for you because I’m going to discuss it.

72 Seconds in Rittenhouse Square is a 3 Episode Docuseries, so the second episode is going to be released next week. If you can wait for the other two episodes it will be good because they will talk about it more deeply. The first episode was kind of biased toward Sean Schillinger as he was the victim, but there is much more to it.

What actually happened in Rittenhouse Square?

A lot of things have been cut in the first episode of 72 Seconds, as in the docuseries there was a woman who recorded the fight and live-streamed it on Facebook Live. And in the video, we saw Michael stabbing Sean, but there were more things in that video. On July 12th, 2018 at around 11 PM police got a call from people saying that there was a Black man who stabbed a White man at Rittenhouse Square. The black man was Michael and the guy who died that night was Sean.

As the case goes to trial and numerous witnesses come forward. The video becomes important proof in that murder. In the video we see, Sean was the first to attack Michael. Sean was drunk, and on drugs that night. He started fighting with another driver, so Michael jumped into that fight to stop it.

Michael pulls out the knife and asks Sean to stop the fight and move on. Sean then charges towards him and lifts him to give a super slam on the concrete and Michael stabs him, to save himself. Michael White was found not guilty of killing Sean Schillinger, as he stabbed him in self-defense.

Did Michael face any charges for Killing Sean?

No, he didn’t face any charges for killing Sean, as it was a complete Self Defence. But Michael faced charges of tampering with the murder weapon. Michael threw the murder weapon in a dustbin. He gets 2 Years probation for tampering with the murder weapon.

Who was the woman who recorded Michael and Sean’s Fight?

The woman who recorded Michael and Sean’s fight is anonymous. She doesn’t want her name in this case. So she just handed over the video to the police.



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