Where is Michael White Now?: Paramount Plus’s “72 Seconds in Rittenhouse Square” has been released, and at the end of Episode 1, we see Michael is free and alive after killing Real Estate Developer Sean Schillinger.

The case became very famous due to White vs. Black and it was a very complicated case where it was very hard to support any of them. Philadelphia’s people were divided, where half of them supported Michael and half of them supported Sean.

As the trial starts we find out that it was actually Sean who attacked Michael and Michael killed Sean in protecting himself. The district attorney Larry Krasner got a lot of hate due to this case, as Michael was found guilty of killing Sean. Michael White was found not guilty for killing Sean, but he was found guilty of tampering with the murder weapon, so he got 2 years probation. Where is Michael White Now?

Where is Michael White Now?

It was 2018 since Michael’s last appearance on Camera. He might be living in Philadelphia as it is his family home or maybe he moved to another city. Michael recently joined Instagram to promote the documentary, click the link below to check his account.




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