Jawan Day 22 Collection: Two 1000 Crores movies in a Single year doesn’t look possible but the King Khan SRK made is possible and now he is all set for the Grand release on Dunki in December 2023. The film is all set for release on 22nd December 2023. In all between these Jawan is still doing great at the box office and the film is making and breaking new records.

Even after the new releases, The film is doing massive collections if we consider it in terms of Day 21 or Day 22. The film collected around 5 Crores again on Day 21 and the numbers look Similar on Day 22 even after the new releases like Fukrey 3 and The Vaccine War.

The film is going to make around 7-8 Crores on the Day 22 as the Buy One and Get One offer is going to Pupmp the box office numbers for the film for sure.

Here is the Daywise Data For Jawan;

Day 1: 75 Crores
Day 2: 53 Crores
Day 3: 75 Crores
Day 4: 81 Crores
Day 5: 30-31 Crores
Day 6: 26.70 Crores
Day 7: 22 Crores

Day 8: 21 Crores
Day 9: 19 Crores
Day 10: 31 Crores
Day 11: 36 Crores
Day 12: 16 Crores
Day 13: 14 Crores
Day 14: 10 Crores

Day 15: 8-9 Crores
Day 16: 7 Crores
Day 17: 12 Crores
Day 18: 15 Crores
Day 19: 5.30 Crores*
Day 20: 5.10 crores
Day 21: 4.80 crores

Day 22: 5.80 Crores*

Total Indian Net Collection – 581 Crores* (All Version)

Total Worldwide Collection – 915 Crores*



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