5-8 in “Black Knight” Who Plays?: 5-8 is a lead Character of the series . He is a legendary Knight will full of skills . His main work is delivery food and oxygen to people .

“Black Knight” is a South Korean series is currently streaming now in Netflix. As many users wants to know about the character who played, we are going to discuss about him and do a character explainatons.

In the series The Character 5-8 is played by Korean actor Kim Woo-Bin. He is a 33 years old South Korean actor.In his acting life he did lots of movies and series. Som of his movies are.Master (2016) ,Twenty (2015) ,Alienoid (2022) ,Wiretap (2018) . Some of his series are,Our Blues (2022) ,Uncontrollably Fond (2016) ,The Heirs ( 2013),School 2013 (2012-2013) .

In the series 5-8 is a legendary Knight he is tall handsome and powerful. He never forget his duty as deliveryman, but apart from this he and his secret team doing work to take down Mr.Ryu the son of Mr Cheonmyeong. 5-8 fights for refugees, he stood infront of them, at night he provides foods, oxygen to those peoples.

In the past he lost his people and also close friend because Mr.Ryu kill them all. For this to take revenge he became a Black Knight and fight over the system,and fight for the common people. He also become a mentor as well as close friend of Sa-Wol.

For saving Sa-Wol and protect the innocent people he attack at the core district and kill Mr.Ryu. This is everything about 5-8 . If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section .



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