Ryu Seok in “Black Knight” Who Plays? : Ryu Seok or Mr.Ryu is the son of Mr Cheonmyeong, who built the Air Core system to provide the clear oxygen to people. In the series we saw Mr.Ryu as a negetive character. As many users wants to know about him, we are going to discuss about him and do a character explainatons.

In the series the character Ryu Seok is played by Song Seung-Heon. He is a 46 years old South Korean Model as well as Actor. Some of his movies are The Third Way of Love (2015) ,
Messenger (2014),Obsessed (2014) ,Ghost (2010) ,So Close (2002), Make It Big (2002) ,Calla (1999). Some of his famous series are The Player (2018), East of Eden (2008),Scent of Summer (2003) ,Law Firm (2001) and more.

From the whole series we have a clear Idea how bad he was. He always looks perfect infront of ordinary people but he never agreed to give any place of refugees. To taking care of his buisness in Cheonmyeong group he used to insert poison gas in the air-purifier vehicles , for that people easily get unhealthy.

Later he show Sa-Wol’s match to poor people as well as refugees in a place then blast a bomb in that crowd, aloso promising to give vaccine actually injected poision. At the end of the series he tried to collect blood samples of young Sa-Wol in his body for that he want to cure his illness. For his conspiracy his father wants to take control of everything but unfortunately he died. At the end of the series 5-8 killed Mr.Ryu and end his chapter totally.

This is all about Mr.Ryu if you still have any queries feel free to ask in the comment section.



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