Major Jung Seol-ah in “Black Knight”: Major Jung Seol-ah is another important character of this series with crucial role. She is a major of defense intelligence command . As users are wants to know about her let’s know who is she and do character explainatons.

In the series the Character of Major Jung Seol-ah is played by Esom. She is a 33 years old Korean actress. She did lots of movies and series. Some of her movies are “Second half”(2010),”The last blossom”(2011),”Behind the camera “(2013),”My little brother “(2017),”Warriors of the dawn”(2017),”Kill Boksoon”(2023),”Possession “(2023). And some her series are “The 3rd Charm”(2018),”LTNS”(2023),”Taxi Driver”(2021).

In this series She is big sister of Seul-ah and Sa-Wol. She always lover her work and did her job. But when her sister died by some man she was trying to investigate that and then he meet 5-8 who helped her in this investigation. Later when she came to know about all the conspiracy of Cheonmyeong group, she trying to move out from them. Later she found its Mr.Ryu behind her sister’s death.

So, she and 5-8 both are tried to get all proofs of conspiracy of Mr.Ryu. but Mr.Ryu kidnapped Sa-Wol and that triggered her. Later at the end she with her armies attacked in core district to Kill Mr Ryu and save Sa-Wol.

This is all everything about Major Jung Seol-ah for more infos ask in the comment section.



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