12 Desperate Hours Movie Summary & Ending Explained: 12 Desperate Hours movie is now available to stream on Lifetime in the English Language, In this article, I am going to tell you the summary and ending explanation of the movie so let’s get started.

The movie begins with Christmas when Val (Samantha Mathis) is making a plan to go on a date with her husband but her husband Mark(David Conrad) had some other plans, he is working late to make more money. Meanwhile, their kids Parker and Spencer are home due to their winter breaks they are discussing their school and life, and there is a knock at the door.

Recap & Summary

Denny(Harrison Thomas) enters the house with a shotgun and asked them to move to the living room, her kids go to the living room and try to talk to Denny that why he is doing this, he also made her lunch.

And after some time he asked Denny what he wants and why he is doing this, she offered him the key to the car and said that she will take him where ever he wants to go, and she will not tell the police. Mark was home early and the kids tell him about the incident, he calls the police but they were not doing anything because it has been a few hours since she was gone.

Denny takes Val to his ex-girlfriend’s house but she is not there they met with her mother Francine in the house who was not at all surprised or scared of Denny’s shotgun when they are leaving Denny wants to shoot Francine but Val told him this will not help him to get his ex-girlfriend back.

Then they go to the bowling area where Denny meets with Cherie but she was not there also, Val asked Denny to let her make a phone call so that she can tell her children that she is Ok, when Denny was busy finding Cherie, Val smashed a bowling ball in his foot and ran away from there, but as soon as she reached near the car she realizes that she is without keys as it was in Denny’s pocket.

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Denny then asked Val to drive to the nursing home where Cherie works, as soon as Denny went inside the nursing home Val writes an SOS message and a girl sees it and calls the police.

Later when Cherie goes to her home she finds her mother dead on the floor and she called 911 when they realize that Val can also be in danger, Val’s husband also goes with them to find her.

The Ending

Val and Denny are running low on gas, and Denny screamed at her to buy them gas but they have no money Val talks to the gas station owner that she wants to go home as her two kids are waiting for him and she successfully gets the gas. Then Denny called Cherie with a phone booth and she tells him that she doesn’t love him anymore and wants to start a new life without him.

Their final stop was Denny’s brother Jesse’s house, they goes there and his brother asked him what he want. His brother’s pregnant wife makes fun of him and calls him a loser. Then Denny gave the car key to Val and asked her to go home and he went inside to kill everyone, but Val follows him and asked him to stop.

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In the end, the police find him, and he shouted at Val that it’s all her fault and tries to kill her but Val requested that she doesn’t want to die there and explained to him, then he throws his weapon and the police arrested him.

On Christmas Day Val goes to meet him in the prison, and asked him why he killed her ex-girlfriend’s mother, but he doesn’t say anything and the movie ends.



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