12 Desperate Hours is Based On True Story: The latest Mystery Thriller is now available to stream on LifeTime, the movie is available in the English language. So the question that comes to our mind after watching this movie is whether this movie is based on a real story or not. So here is the answer.

So the answer to the question of whether the movie is based on or inspired by a true story is yes the movie is based on a book by Ann Rule Last Dance, Last Chance, which she wrote in 2003.

First, of all the names in the movies are changed as Denny’s real name was Gary Lee Quinlivan and Val’s real name was Patricia Jacque. The crime took place in December 1963 in Washington,

At that time Gary was 29 years old his first murder is of his ex-girlfriend’s mother then he goes straight to his friend’s Fred house, and killed him also he tried to escape from there in his car but it wouldn’t start. Since the car did not start she goes to Patricia’s house is a mother of two and asks her to drive him to the locations he wants and help him escape.

What happened to Denny Tuohmy / Gary Lee Quinlivan?

So Gary lee was sentenced to death after the court find him guilty of various murders and kidnapping cases, as of now this case in not in the limelight, and the book also does not tell us much about the case, but if the dates were correct then Gary lee died on August 21, 2011.

Is Lifetime's '12 Desperate Hours' Based on a True Story?
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Hope you get your answer about whether the movie is based on a real story or not. For more news and updates, stay tuned with us.

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