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The Company You Keep Episode 1 Recap, Summary & Ending Explained

The Company You Keep Episode 1: The latest drama series is now streaming on HULU in English language. Here in this article I am going to give you the recap and ending of the first episode so lets get started. The name of episode one is “PILOT”.

The series starts with Charlie selling a empty warehouse to a drug dealer Patrick, for 10 million, but asked for cryptocurrency instead of cash in the last moment which makes his partner Daphne suspicious, and he asks Patrick to rethink about the deal.

Recap & Summary  

But at last Charlie was able to convince them, but as soon as they handed the briefcase to him, Charlie’s family waiting outside appears dressed as FBI agents, however Patrick and his partners were able to escape from there, the family members include his sister Birdie, Leo, Fran and his fiancée, they have taken the money form them working as a team, but soon Patrick realizes that they were fake.

Now we are introduced to Emma Hill who is a CIA agent, working in her office but she get distracted by a message where he finds her boyfriend cheating on a girl, she goes there and confronts her.

Meanwhile Charlie’s family is celebrating in a bar, when his sister asks for the crypto wallet, but he finds a ring instead of the wallet in his pocket and they came to know that his fiancée flew away with all the money, now Charlie is also heartbroken.

Now both the heartbroken meet at a bar, and they talk about each other that how their partners cheated on them, after few drinks they started playing game where they have to tell lies and Emma told that she is a CIA agent and Charlie says that he is a criminal both laughs after that.

Later Emma came up knocking to his hotel room door and told him that he sees his room number in his bill, whole night they talked about their life and relationship without touching each other.

Now both returns to their life, and Charlie came to know about a new task and goes to tell his family about that task, where he meets with Birdie’s deaf daughter, Ollie. And he told his family about his next target which is a church.

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Next they are in the location where Leo and Fran enters the church and Charlie and his sister waiting in a Van outside, Charlie gets distracted by the photos send by Emma to him, and his sister calls him then he hacks the church Financial data, where he found that they have been laundering money and the source is unknown.

So to find out more about this they goes to Gala where the head of the church is also present.

But he do not know that Emma was also going to attend that Gala she was their with her parents and brother, Charlie meets her while his sister being attentive for the work they are here for, later Emma got a text regarding work and when she is leaving she asked Carlie that will they meet again, but he said that he has no feeling for her in his heart, which leaves her numb.

Later they were able to rob the Head of the church, and his family asked him about his relationship which he said he has ended because his old partner ditched them earlier and he do not want to repeat the mistake.

Ending Explained

In the end in the office Emma partners shows him a photo of Patrick (the deal he is doing with Charlie) but he was not clear in the photo so she is not able to recognize him,
She goes on a operation with FBI where Patrick is boarding a plane and Emma chases Daphne but ends up getting her car crashed and Daphne was able to escape from there.

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Emma returned to her home injured where she found Charlie waiting for her outside and apologies her for the rude behaviour earlier and proposes her she accepts his proposal.

Later when Charlie and his sister were in a bar they meet Daphne there who asked them for their 10 million dollars and extra 5 million, and Charlie asks him for some time because he cannot afford such a big amount, Daphne asked him to steal the money like he did earlier and the episode ends.



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