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Shinji In ‘Burn The House Down’ : Who Plays?, Character Explained

Shinji In ‘Burn The House Down’: Shinji is a brother of Kiichi & a young son of Makiko. People want to know about him so in this article we are going to discuss who played the character & also will do a character explanation.

In this series, the character Shinji is played by Taishi Nakagawa. He is a 25 years old Japanese actor, host & Model. Some of his movies are ” Natsuzoro”(2019), ” The 13 lords of the Shogun”(2022), “Closet love to heaven”(2017), “Raibow Days”(2018), “ReLIFE”(2017), ” Lock on love “( 2018), ” Daddy is my classmate”(2020), “Inubu”(2021), ” Funny Bunny “(2021).

He also did some series “Kakegurui”(2018-2019), “Yakō Kanransha” ( 2013), ” My little lover ‘(2015-2016), etc.

Shinji is young son of Makiko. He was good in study but always feels afraid if he got bad marks. His fear comes from her mother Makiko, as Makiko wants him to study more and do good results. Makiko also wants that Shinji will control their hospital, that’s why she always forced him the studies. Shinji became fall in love with Yuzu. As her mother allowed him not to meet with her, he started to make his decision on his own. The show also revealed Shinji who was behind that fire.

As he was afraid at that time he didn’t confess. later he confessed his guilt to Satsuki. That’s how he became a strong boy as he wants to be a doctor he continued his study at the end of the series. Also, he got released from jail because he was a child when mistakenly put the fire on.

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That’s all about Shini incase if you want to know more about him you can ask in the comment section.



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