Yuri in ” XO Kitty” Netflix: Yuri is a supporting character in this series. She starts as a rival to Kitty but ends up becoming her love interest. Yuri comes from a big family, with her mother being Principal Lim, the headmistress of K.I.S.S., and her father being President Han.

Due to user requests, we will discuss Yuri’s character with explanations based on the series “XO Kitty.”

In the series, the character of Yuri is played by Gia Kim, a 29-year-old South Korean actress. Prior to “XO Kitty,” she appeared in a short movie called “Happy End” (2021).

After arriving in Korea, Kitty first encounters Yuri and later discovers that she also attends K.I.S.S. Yuri requests Dae to pretend to be her boyfriend so that nobody will suspect her. Although she is in love with a girl named Juliana, people doubt her sexuality, and she wants to prove them wrong.

Gradually, she realizes that her actions are not right, so she publicly breaks up with Dae and starts enjoying her own life while waiting for Juliana. Kitty helps her talk to Juliana, which brings them closer as friends. By the end of the series, we start to love Yuri, just like Kitty does.

That’s everything about Yuri. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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