Min-Ho in ” XO Kitty” Netflix: Min-Ho is a supporting character in this series and also a friend of Dae, although conflicts arise between them towards the end. As users want to know about Min-Ho’s character, let’s discuss it with explanations.

In the series, the character Min-Ho is played by Sang Heon Lee, a 28-year-old American actor. He has appeared in movies like “Burning Questions” (2021) and “Gran Turismo” (2023).

Min-Ho is a friend of Dae but always harbors animosity towards Kitty. Later on, Kitty starts living with them, which further angers him. One day, he meets Kitty at a shopping mall when she is buying ingredients for Chuseok’s dinner. Min-Ho helps her, and Kitty reciprocates. This is how they become good friends.

However, Min-Ho starts having romantic thoughts about Kitty in a dream, and he begins to develop feelings for her. At the end of the series, he finally confesses his love to Kitty. And this is how the series concludes.

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