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YOYO & Itaek In Physical 100 | Instagram, Age | Netflix

YOYO & Itaek In Physical 100: One of the Siblings in the Netflix original show is Yoyo and Itaek, They are getting lots of love and support from the audience, Here go the details about their Age, Instagram Handles and some more details about them.

Who is YOYO in Netflix’s Physical 100?

YOYO is a model in South Korea. YOYO is modeling for Esteem, Esteem is one of the biggest modeling agents in South Korea. She is also a Captain of Hangover FC (a Football Club). She also has great physics that’s why she is in Physical 100.

You Can Check-out her Instagram account @bad_yoyo

Who is Itaek in Netflix’s Physical 100?
If you watched Physical 100 in Esub I’m sure you know him as Itaek, but his actual name is Jo I-Taek. He is an actor and a fitness fanatic. He looks very lean and fit.

He total has 6k+ Followers on Instagram @itaekjo



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