Blue lock Episode 17 Release Date: Blue lock is a Japanese Tv series created by Eight Bit, the series follows the story of Yoichi Isagi, a high school footballer who to enhance his skills enrolls in the Blue Lock program, later by the program he unleashed his full abilities and becomes the greatest striker of all time.

The seventeenth episode of the series will come to Official Blue Lock Website as well as other streaming services on Sunday, February 5, the name of the episode is not known yet, but the series will premier at the same time as the other episodes.

The anime series is gaining popularity in Japan nowadays and fans are very excited for the next episode of the series because of its storyline and the twist and turn it presents to the audience as the series continues it will introduce more characters and we are yet to know much about this series and characters, the manga is also getting a good rating on IMDB so you can consider it watching.



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