Young Sheldon Season 6 Episode 9 Recap: CBS’s Young Sheldon is back after its winter break and released its brand-new Episode that picks up from the moment Sheldon decides to take control of his Grant Database from the University which was going to take control of it and Sheldon did not want it to be ruined by the politics of it all.

The Episode released is titled “College Dropouts & The Medford Miracles” and if you’re interested in the recap of the Episode, here it is.

Sheldon after taking full control of the database is now out for private investors, who will give him the independence to develop the database with his college education remaining unharmed but there’s a slight problem, any investor he goes to meets end up thinking it’s a joke seeing Sheldon’s age and that he’s still a child where the investors expect some adult to be with him who’s going to know it all.

After being rejected for quite some time, Sheldon seeks the help of Missy who calls as his secretary in a British Accent Sheldon tries out his adult voice but that comes to a dead end when his mother calls him baby boy over the ongoing call.

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On the other hand, George has come back to the college to teach Football and the team has been preparing at full throttle but the sudden arrival of Pastor Rob who comes to the game to say a prayer and motivate the players ends up in the team winning that match and all the glory goes to Pastor Rob that makes George jealous.

To prove that it was his hard work and not the prayer that won them the game, George during a very important final game in a losing match goes with Pastor Rob’s strategy thinking if they lose the match the blame will also go to him and the team ends up winning the match which makes George all the angrier.

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Missy has been talking to another boy called Dean who she wants to invite to her house but then because of her embarrassment family ends up asking Meemaw and while she agrees, Meemaw also sets some ground rules for the movie-watching.

However, when Dean arrives he’s more interested in Meemaw than Missy because he was close to his grandmother as well and he had lost her earlier that year so all the time he was with Missy, he kept asking about her Meemaw and got to its tipping point in the end and Missy ends up breaking it off with him.



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