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Buddy Daddies Episode 1 Recap, Summary, Explained – Who Is Father Or Miri?

Buddy Daddies Episode 1 Recap: The much-awaited and buzzed Japan Japanese anime series Buddy Daddies is streaming on the Platform, episode 1 of the show is around 24 Minutes long and the show is available to watch on Tokyo Mx, I Just finished episode 1, and here goes the Recap, Summary, and Explanation of episode 1.

Episode 1 starts with a band and there are lots of fun elements and some great action sequences in the series, episode 1 was amazing and we hope the whole show has much more to offer.

Episode 1 revolves around Kazuki Kurusu and Rei Suwa who are Contract Assassins and Kill People by taking Money, Kazuki is fun loving Person who has a dark past and talks with everyone, While Rei Suwa talks very little and he loves to do his Work.

They got a Contract to Kill a man who is behind Human trafficking after research Kazuki came to know that, There is a Party Happening at the Top of a Big Hotel and there that Man is also Coming, The Party is on Christmas and so he plans to dress as Christmas and go to Party with a Cake, With Security all around, He Plans to first Meet with that Mafia’s Wife and sleeps with her and then takes some of her data and Voice records.

After that Kazuki Dressed as Santa Goes to the Hotel with Cake, He was stopped there by the Bodyguards and then he uses those Voice Records to get a Phone Call on his Number in the name of the Mafia Boss’s wife, The Guards let him and all of Sudden when the Lift was about to close, A 4 Years Old Girl Miri who is looking for her father, Jumps into the lift by looking at that tasty cake, Miri starts eating those cakes and in all between these, they reach to the top Floor.

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The Guards on the Top Floor stop Kazuki and then here comes the twist, Rei Suwa shoot both guards, he was there with Kazuki under the Cakes Table, and they’re here to start Great and Amazing Fight sequences that you are going to love, In Gun fights Rei Suwa finally Kills their Target and then returns back with that Girl.

Now here comes the twits again, When Kazuki saw a Picture, he found the Picture of that Meri with the same Girl that Kazuki Slept with, Now it is clear that Miri is the Child of that Same woman, Now it will be interesting to see what happened in the Next episode.



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