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Kutch Express Gujarati Movie Review: Deviates From The Norm And A Treat To Watch

Kutch Express Gujarati Movie Review: Kutch Express, a Gujarati Drama Film has finally arrived at the station and like a train, it has a lot of carts in the form of great actors like Ratna Pathak Shah, Manasi Parekh, Dharmendra Gohil, Darshil Safari, and Viraf Patel.

The film from the name might look like a location-based one but it tells us a story quite familiar to our own home. Kutch Express is about a married couple of more than 22 years and how the husband’s affair unravels revelations for the entire family and realizations for some.

Here’s the review of the film.

Monghi is a housewife who has been married to Dharmesh for more than 22 years and has a son Avinash who studies in Mumbai. Their household includes her mother-in-law everyone calls “Baiji” who is also the head of “Sisoti”, a group of women all around the town who secretly meet up every 15 days to discuss their problems and confide in each other. It’s a system that men and society do not allow so they decided for themselves. Everyone seems to look up to Monghi until one day the news of Dharmesh’s affair with a woman comes out.

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While Baiji speaks out in front of her son, Monghi on the other hand wants to save her marriage and keeps on trying to get her husband back with her efforts until there comes a day when her husband confronts her that there wasn’t love between them ever and this confrontation leads to the realization of all sorts and how Monghi who finds herself at crossroads in her life makes a decision to change her life for the better with the first step.

Kutch Express is definitely something different from the norm where it’s trying to break the barriers put by society and it does a phenomenal job in portraying it too.

Monghi is someone who you admire but slowly start to pity and has been portrayed brilliantly by Manasi Parekh who finds her mother-in-law to be extremely supportive played by the legendary Ratna Pathak Shah.

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About 132 minutes long, the film does send out the message it sought to and while someone might not like how it all plays out, you end up not hating any specific character and realize everyone’s just human and yearns for something and we can’t blame them for it. The film does manage to give you a happy ending with a touch of finding oneself.

The music by Sachin-Jigar is soothing at best and goes very well with the film along with the cinematography.

Final Verdict: 3/5

“Kutch Express sides itself from the norm with a story revolving we’re familiar to, with its originality and great performances and a train you should board on”



  1. only flip side was Father having affair with past girl friend of his son could have been avoided Darshill looks too young for Heena Verde otherwise movie was good


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