The Magical Revolution of Reincarnated Princess Episode 1: The Magical Revolution of Reincarnated Princess and The Genius Young Lady is now streaming on Muse Asia YouTube Channel and I’m going to give you a short recap of what happens in Episode 01.

The story is set in a world where Royalty people have magic that they used for different things, but our protagonist Anisphia didn’t have Magical powers.

Anishphia has memories of her previous life, she wanted to fly in the sky but she didn’t have Magical powers, So she used Magical stones of Gray wolf Pelt, she hunted them and got Magical Red Stones to invent futuristic tools like flying boom sticks and weapons.

Anishphia’s family didn’t like her due to her careless and childish behavior, she’s a princess and she should behave like a princess, so everyone talks behind her.

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Anishphia goes to Tilty who’s a doctor and she helps her invent her magical tools. She knew that his Brother Algard was going to marry the genius daughter of the Duke of Magenta Euphllia. Anis knew her when Anis was a kid, she saw the magic of Euphllia and liked her.

Euphllia is very good at Magic and rumored to be a Magical Genius, Algard is not interested in marrying Euphllia, because it’s a Political Marriage and He didn’t like Euphllia, so he behaves very rudely to Euphllia.

There is a night party at the academy so every couple is there and Euphllia is waiting for Algard. Algard comes with another girl and starts claiming that Euphllia is a bully and threatens her friend Baroness Cyan. Algard broke up with her, Algard always wanted to break up with her, but this time he got a reason and put all the blame on Euphllia.

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Meanwhile, Anis is going to test her Flying broom that night, Flying broom’s speed is so fast that she can’t control it and ends up crash landing on that party. Anis understands everything and takes Euphllia with her to her dad.

As the name of the Anime series The Magical Revolution of Reincarnated Princess and The Genius Young Lady. Reincarnated Princess is Anish and Genius Lady is Euphllia and the series is going to follow their adventures.



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