You Me Her Season 6 Netflix: Netflix is bringing the fifth season of the comedy-drama show for its global audience soon enough. You Me Her is a well-known television show which debuted in 2016. The show was created by John Scott Shepherd. You Me Her is said to be the first polychromatic comedy.

And for those who haven’t yet seen the show, yes, polyromantic means a three-way love. The fifth season of the show premiered on Television earlier this year and now Netflix is all set to bring its the fifth season. Here we are going to talk about the cast, release date, plot, and few more details about the series.


The plot of the season will be a focus on the original three lovers from season 1. Izzy has returned in the lives of Jack and Emma and is looking to restart their relationship. But Jack and Emma have seemingly moved on from Izzy and since have tried many other girls. Izzy finds out that the couple has two children now and feels like everything and everyone has changed. While Jack and Emma clear up with Izzy that they don’t want her in their life anymore as they do not want to resume their relationship, Izzy asks for one night with them.


The series stars Greg Poehler, Rachel Blanchard, and Priscilla Faia in main lead roles, the series also stars Melanie Papalia, Jennifer Spence, Jarod Joseph, and others in crucial roles.


Netflix has released an official trailer for the show which is also available on YouTube do check the trailer out! In the fifth season, the situation has taken a drastic turn in the life of Izzy who feels that nothing is the same anymore and everyone has moved on. If You haven’t seen the trailer yet, Have a look at it.

Release Date

The fifth season of You Me Her will be arriving on Netflix on October 22nd, 2020. You can watch the series in English audio along with the subtitles.

Season 6 Release Date

The season 6 of You Me Her is going to release in Mid 2021, although there is no official news or updates by the makers yet, we would update you once we get any news about the next season.


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