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Yoon Sa-Wol in “Black Knight”: Who Plays And Character Explained

Yoon Sa-Wol in “Black Knight”: Sa-Wol is another lead characters of this series. He is a young boy who wanted to be a deliveryman like Black Knight. As users are wants to about him we are going discuss about him with Character explanation.

In the series the character Sa-Wol is played by Kang You-Seok. He is a 28 years old South Korean actor. Some of his movies are “The Flatterer”(2022),”The night shift”(2021),”The interviewees”(2020). He also done some series which are Start-up (2020), “Payback: Money & Power”(2023),”Melting Me softly”(2019).

Sa-Wol is a young boy but powerful too. Later in the series it’s revealed that He is actually a mutant which makes him powerful than normal human. he also adopted by Major Jung Seol-ah who have a sister also but she lost her by some attackers.

In sorrow and grief Sa-Wol train hard and become a Delivery man. He later joined with 5-8 to take down Mr Ryu.

That’s all about Sa-Wol , if you still any doubts left ask in the comment section.



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