Yoon Jong-Goo In ‘Revenant’ : Yoon Jong has a minor role in the series, playing the negative character of a phishing criminal. She traps San-Yeong and her mother in a scam, and as a result, San-Yeong contemplates suicide due to their financial difficulties.

However, she manages to escape. When the evil spirit possesses San-Yeong, it kills Yoon Jong. Now, the police are investigating how Yoon Jong died. To find out what happens next, watch the series on Disney+. Here, I will tell you the name of the actor who played the role of Yoon Jong in the series.

South Korean actor Kim Sung-Kyu portrays the character of Yoon Jong in the latest K-drama. He is a South Korean actor who has played supporting and major roles in various series.

Some of the series in which you can see him include “The King of Pigs” (2022), “Kingdom Season 2” (2020), and now in 2023, he has a minor role in the latest Disney+ production.



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