What happened to Lilly In ‘Delete?: The series ended with lots of questions, such as: What happened to Lilly? What about June and what she discovered? In this article, we will discuss the possible theories as answers to these questions. But before that, let’s have a short overview of the series.

The series is all about love, betrayal, and affairs connected with a mysterious camera that can actually make someone vanish. Although the ending isn’t explained by the makers, in my opinion, this might have happened:

  1. My first theory is that after discovering Lilly, Mr. Too might have killed her because she is the key eyewitness to Too’s dark truth. So, after that, June will try to find Lilly because June also loves her.
  2. My other theory is that maybe Mr. Too deleted Lilly because his wife is pregnant, so he would not kill her. Later, June tries to find a link between Tong’s sister, Thong, and her family’s past. So, June slowly reveals the truths of her family.

Now, let’s talk about June. She is deeply broken from the inside because she loves Lilly. But anyway, she moves on. While scrolling through Instagram, she learns about Thong, who is Tong’s sister. So, most probably, June will try to alert Lilly but finds her missing. Later, she will try to investigate what happened to her.

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These are all my assumptions, as the makers haven’t clarified yet. The show ended with lots of unanswered questions, which will make the story of Season 2. I hope you got your answer. If you have any queries, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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