Kim Seok-Ran In ‘Revenant’ : Kim Seok plays a small but significant role in the series. In the first episode, her son mysteriously commits suicide, and after showing a red ribbon to her granddaughter, her granddaughter becomes possessed by evil spirits. In the second episode, Kim Seok also commits suicide.

Now, her granddaughter believes it’s all her fault and contemplates taking her own life. However, there is something else going on. To find out, you have to watch the series. Here, I will tell you the name of the actress who played the role of Kim Seok in the series.

South Korean actress Ye Soo-Jung portrays the character of Kim Seok in the latest K-drama. She is one of the oldest actresses in the Korean industry and has appeared in numerous movies and TV series. She won the award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in “Hunted” in 2022.

Some of her other works include “On the Way to the Airport” (2016), “Prince Hours” (2007), “One the Woman” (2021), “Becoming Witch” (2022), and now in 2023, she plays a major role in the series “Revenant.”



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